Ecopharos was established in 2013 by a group of multi-national professional engineers, scientists and project developers with over 30 years of experience in energy and environment fields.

By exploiting the know-how and the patents of the group and the partners, Ecopharos aims at gaining international leadership in energy and environment fields. The primary aim of Ecopharos is to achieve the greatest possible solution at the lowest possible cost.

Our carefully prepared research program with our sincere international partners has allowed us to develop advanced techniques, whereby energy can be saved and wastes can be recycled or reduced to a great extent.

Every project we undertake follows a roadmap starting with detailed analysis of input data in terms of capability, performance and guarantees to provide sustainable plants and systems.


The regular and continuous check of the projects together with the clients enables us to complete the projects on the prefixed time.


We believe we can help you solve your energy and environment problems with saving your time and money.


Do you have any problem? Then, please contact us without any hesitation.


Thank you.


Ecopharos Inc.